Application and Eligibility Criteria


Download Application, Rules & Regulations in PDF format




  • ARRT registered technologist
  • Graduate of an accredited program in radiologic sciences
  • Have and carry a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Have worked in the didactic setting of an accredited radiologic sciences program for at least one year
  • Associate or institutional member of ACERT
  • Pursuing graduate degree in education, healthcare or imaging sciences
  • The recipient of this scholarship must maintain a minimum load of 6 credit hours for the academic year




  • Complete the Elsevier Faculty Development Scholarship application
  • Include:

o Copy of current ARRT card

o Current vitae showing professional experience (employer and dates of employment)

o Documentation showing graduation from accredited program

o Verification of enrollment in graduate course(s), (course schedule or letter from advisor)

  • Submit an essay discussing the points stipulated by the scholarship committee




  • The essay must be original. (In the recipient’s own words)
  • The essay will be a minimum of __3__ pages with a maximum of __5__ pages.
  • Each applicant must submit an electronic copy of his/her essay along with the completed scholarship application.
  • The essay must discuss the following points:

o Explanation of why applicant is pursuing the degree

o Explanation of how applicant hopes to improve his/her instruction in his/her perspective program areas with the degree

o Example of at least one of the following –

+ An innovative and effective teaching method

+ A successful practice for teaching special populations

+ An effective integration of clinical and didactic experiences

+ An effective use of multimedia in the classroom

  • ACERT may share any portion of the application or essay with associates of Elsevier, if requested.




  • The recipient of this scholarship will be determined by the ACERT Elsevier Faculty Development Scholarship Committee
  • Recipient of the scholarship will be notified prior to the conference
  • Recipient award will be a $1000.00 scholarship from Elsevier
  • Recipient will be announced at the President's Luncheon.



Download Application, Rules & Regulations in PDF format