Application and Eligibility Criteria


Download Application, Rules & Regulations in PDF format


Eligibililty for Student Scholarship:


  • Student in good standing in an accredited program in the imaging sciences.
  • Have and carry a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Must be a full-time student while under the scholarship.
  • Associate or institutional member of ACERT




  • Complete the AfterCollege Student Development Scholarship application
  • Include:

    A copy of transcript verifying GPA as required above

    A letter of recommendation from Program Director

    A letter of recommendation from Clinical Coordinator or a Clinical Instructor.

    An essay discussing the points stipulated by the scholarship committee.




  • The essay must be original (in the applicant's own words.)
  • The essay shall not exceed 3 pages.
  • The essay must discuss the following points:

    Your academic goals or your career goals

    Your financial need/How you intend to use the scholarship award

    Your planned professional contribution(s) to the field in the future


  • ACERT may share any portion of the application or essay with associates of AfterCollege, if requested.




  • The recipient of this scholarship will be determined by the ACERT AfterCollege Student Development Scholarship Committee.
  • Recipient award will be a $500 scholarship from AfterCollege


Recipient will be announced at the President's Luncheon at the ACERT Annual Conference.


Download Application, Rules & Regulations in PDF format